• Costa Rica Anaerobic Fermented


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    We really wanted to get this coffee in for the holidays because it tastes like a liquid ginger bread man! But here it is now, online only as long as supplies last. This light-roasted coffee has undeniable notes of gingerbread and cinnamon toast. It is sure to please with its sugary sweetness and a clean fruitiness that stands out with a unique, bold flavor - you'll never experience anything like it. 

    All coffee is fermented in the drying process, but anaerobic fermented coffees do this without using oxygen. All oxygen is removed from vats or vessels in the anaerobic process which requires more time, but creates a unique flavor we are crazy about! 

    Recently reviewed by CoffeeReview.com, this coffee scored 93 points and was described as, "An anaerobically processed coffee with rich structure and original and intriguing aromatics: think walking into a baker redolent with yeast and cinnamon." For the full review, click here