• Kenya Nyeri Othaya Gatugi


    Jackrabbit Java brings our customers the highest quality Kenyan coffee from the Nyeri growing region along the fertile foothills of the Aberdare mountain range. This coffee is farmed within the Othaya Farming Cooperative Society on small parcels with a cherry classification ensuring the highest cup quality. The small plots gives these produces more control to strategically pick and deliver only the ripest cherry to the factory. Additionally, this coffee was farmed as part of The Red Cherry Project which institutes additional quality protocols to preserve the hallmark Kenyan profiles including post-harvest cherry sorting at the factory followed by cherry floating to remove less dense beans, 72-hour fermentation times, a 24-hr fresh water soak, wet parchment shade covered sorting to remove any beans damaged from depulping, sorting during the drying stage, storage in grainpro immediately after drying is complete, and hand sorting again after milling with immediate packaging in grainpro for the freshest and highest quality upon export. 

    Rated in November, 2017, this coffee scored a 92-point review from Coffeereview.com and was described as "sweetly pungent" with notes of "scorched cedar, dark chocolate, plum, lavender and lime zest." This medium-dark roast was noted to be "complex in structure" and "sweetly tart with a roasty, savory depth" and "light, satiny mouthfeel." Click here for the full review.