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Jackrabbit Java selects the finest coffees from around the world and roasts them in Wyoming's fresh, mountain air to bring custom blends, single origins, and flavored coffees to our customers.  We believe drinking coffee should not be a mundane task, but rather an invigorating experience to awake your taste buds any time of day.  Try something new and experience unique flavors, geographical tastes, and exciting new blends with any of our products, or find your favorite and make it a staple in your coffee pot.  All of our coffees are freshly roasted to bring you the most crisp, aromatic, and refreshing coffee that promises to put a hop in your step.  

Travel the Globe

No two coffees are alike and with Jackrabbit Java you can discover the differences for yourself!  Coffees from around the world have unique characteristics and can create a distinct experience with each region.  Try our single origin coffees to expand your palette and travel the globe with your favorite coffee cup.