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  • Ka`u Peaberry Hawaii


    This special offering comes from Hawaii’s Big Island, from farms bordering Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  Ka`u coffee is grown, hand picked and processed on the slopes of Mauna Loa - earth’s largest volcano. These rich volcanic soils produce an excellent coffee flavor.  This light-medium roasted peaberry coffee is full bodied with a well balanced smooth taste, it is nutty with hints of red berries and orchids ending in a buttery mouthfeel.  
    Peaberry Coffee is made from a naturally occurring coffee bean mutation. While a regular coffee cherry contains two coffee beans, occasionally only one will develop and grow. This results in a single, round coffee bean – a peaberry! However, this mutation only accounts for about 5% of the coffee beans in a harvest.   Peaberry coffee is often more complex in flavor and aroma. 

    Recently reviewed by, this coffee scored 92 points and was described as, “A friendly, familiar cup with a cocoa throughline and sweet nut, floral and fruit tones.” Click here for full review.