• Rwanda Nyarusiza Station


    This 100% Bourbon variety, Rwandan coffee is sourced from the Buf Cafe in the mountains near the village of Karaba. The Buf Cafe operates two washing stations - this coffee lot comes from the Nyarusiza station and follows standard Rwandan processing: floating tank sort, 8-12 hour dry fermentation, second sort for weight using water shoots, 24-hour soak prior to hand washing and hand sorting, and ending with placement on raised drying beds on the mountain valley floor. 

    Enjoy bright floral and fruit notes of strawberry, watermelon, and key lime with a hint of dark chocolate in this light roast. 

    Reviewed by CoffeeReview.com in 2021, this coffee scored 92 points and was described as, "Delicately sweet, crisply floral," with overall notes of "chocolate and flowers: crisp cocoa nib and resonant narcissus-like florals animate this graceful Rwanda cup." 

    The previous crop of this coffee was reviewed by coffeereview.com and not only scored 93 points, but also ranked #29 in the Top 30 Coffees of 2019.  This coffee was described as, "A sweet, pleasingly floral coffee animated by berry and cocoa notes throughout." Click here for the full review.